Intranet templates define look and feel and layout of your company intranet

Building your intranet with the use of templates and wireframes is easy. Using our browser based app, you simply drag and drop the site components and create your own unique company intranet.

Once the intranet layout is defined, you can create a look and feel using one of the 12 free intranet design templates. You can also customize design templates to suit your specific requirements; uniquely designed intranets with a look and feel to suit your company brand.

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Protect the integrity of your intranet look and feel using intranet templates. Lock down the layout and the look and feel of your intranet at an administration level and effectively ensure consistency and standardization across your intranet.

Default intranet templates available include: homepage, news, calendar, FAQs and wiki and many more.

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Customize intranet templates

Simple and easy intranet design. Select and match styles, colors and templates to suit your company intranet. Customize your intranet design with unique personalised templates. The possibilities are endless.

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Default intranet templates

Clean, clear, crisp intranet designs. No technical knowledge required - no HTML programming necessary. Simply select from the out of the box templates. Adjust templates to match your company brand.

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Intranet wireframes & layout

Intranet wireframes and templates that deliver successful navigation and usability. Select from predefined default templates or create your own layout using drag and drop.

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Best Practice: Intranet Template Designs is an exclusive opportunity to view and learn from some of the world’s most innovative intranet designs. This FREE booklet contains a collection of example intranets to offer inspiration. These intranets are all driven by our template driven app. They are all different; all have elements to learn from, to be inspired by.

We'd like you, to see for yourself, how easily you can create beautifully designed intranets using our templates. Enter your details and receive a free copy of this inspiring booklet, an insight into intranet template design.

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The Best Practice: Intranet Template Designs is a unique collection of the best intranet design templates created using Intranet DASHBOARD. Over 1000 organizations worldwide have created intranets using this out of the box, template based intranet software. Find out more information at

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Intranet DASHBOARD is trusted by over 1000 clients worldwideIntranet DASHBOARD is trusted by over 1000 clients worldwide